Why Finpro Group

Why Finpro Group?

There are many financial planners/advisers out in the market. Most of us rely on our friends, family or accountants to recommend a planner, and for very good reason. All planners say the same thing and make the same claims. The problem is most require you to agree to pay for their advice before you know what the advice is, and therein lies the problem. In almost all other circumstances you know exactly what you are getting before you pay for it. As well as that, you are protected by legislation which states that the good or service must be fit for the purpose for which it was purchased and advertised for. I for one am uncomfortable with paying for something when I don’t know what value it is going to generate for me. This is why at Finpro Group we only take payment for implementation of our advice. This means consultations, research, and recommendations are provided at our cost not yours. We believe you need to see the benefits of our advice using conservative modelling providing low end spectrum expectations. Only then can you determine through  a transparent and obvious cost benefit comparison whether the cost of implementation is acceptable. To find out more about our process and what our financial planning experts can do for you, click here