Using Income Tax To Help Pay Off Your Mortgage

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On average 60% of your income will go to both taxes and mortgage payments. What if you could use taxes to pay down your mortgage instead? Find out how you can use this to pay down your mortgage in a fraction of the time.


Learn how to use money that you never would have seen to pay down your mortgage.

Find out how you can pay your mortgage down sooner and enjoy your retirement.

Find out how to avoid paying over double the value of your home in mortgage payments as many homeowners do.

Learn 7 Tips for freeing you from debt and providing for your future.

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Nicky and I were frustrated with the amount of tax we were paying and decided to talk to Dave at Finpro. He showed us how we could redirect a big part our tax into an investment portfolio AND use it to help pay off our mortgage a lot quicker. We are very excited with what the future holds for us now

Ben and Nicky

General Manager & Process Worker From Oxley

Having very busy lives and a career which left little time to address our family’s financial well-being we felt it was time to bring in professional help. David and the team at Finpro Group provided us with a clear path forward which accomplishes all our goals. We now have a much lower tax bill, will have our mortgage paid off years earlier and can look forward knowing our retirement will be secured within our desired time frame and our children provided for through a strong portfolio of diversified high quality income producing assets

Mel and Paul

Home Executive & Law Partner From Sinnamon Park

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