Tax Minimisation

We’ve all heard the old saying “there is nothing more certain than death and taxes” and although we can’t claim to extend your lifespan, we can certainly have a positive impact on the tax burden you face through your life. Tax is something we all have to pay. However, there are numerous strategies to reduce the amount, thereby enhancing our financial lives for the better. At Finpro Group we work with your chosen taxation and estate planning professionals to ensure you have the right strategies in place to make the most of your tax deductions and reduce your tax burden through your working life and beyond. When you work with us, you will have access to our sophisticated and straightforward tax minimisation strategies to ensure the full legal refund possible for yourself. We have been working in the industry for many years, keeping tax low and ensuring compliance with taxation legislation.

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How We Reduce Your Tax Obligations

There are a number of different strategies that you can use to keep your taxation obligations low. There is not one hard and fast rule for tax minimisation – the strategy that we implement for you will depend on your goals and your unique work and lifestyle situation. The basic objective behind any kind of tax planning is to reduce the total tax that you have to pay. That much is simple. But there are plenty of ways to reduce your tax liability, from property investment through to income diversion. Here are a few more tax effective financial strategies we may recommend:
  • Structuring the ownership of your assets tax effectively
  • Tax effective investing for children
  • Borrowing to invest
  • Salary sacrifice and/or salary packaging
  • Tax deductible contributions to superannuation
  • Managing super contributions within the caps
  • Super contribution splitting strategies
  • Transition to retirement strategies
  • Structuring or transferring ownership of insurance to make premiums more tax effective
  • Maximising the CGT small business concessions
  • Claiming tax back from your super fund upon death – anti-detriment payments
  • Assisting with tax planning before, during and after you become an Australian non-resident for tax purposes

Tax Planning

Australia’s taxation laws can be complex, but with us on your side, we can put strategies in place to minimise your tax quickly and easily. Your first meeting with us is free. So is your second meeting. We want to show you how we can bring you greater value. When you meet with us, we will present you with a proposal in which we explain exactly how we will do this. Whether it’s through a trust or strategies around deductions and tax planning, we will ensure that your assets are protected, and your tax is as low as it can be.
  • Advice on payment of GST/FBT/CGT and how you can reduce your liability with each.
  • Comprehensive advice on tax structures, from trusts and asset management through to tax minimisation.
  • Assistance with ATO lodgement and disputes.
tax planning

Maximise your Refund With Tax Minimisation Strategies from FinPro

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