Superannuation Services and Advice in Brisbane

For many Australians, superannuation is going to be one of the most important parts of their retirement fund. With Australia’s ageing populating increasing and potential shifts in retirement ages and pension eligibility, it’s vital for your wealth to be built to a point where you can retire at an age you want to retire at, and not be forced to work because you don’t have enough money to live.
Superannuation is an effective tool that, when managed appropriately, can provide you with the wealth and assets you need to make the most of your retirement. At Finpro Group, we are a Brisbane-based integrated financial planning business who can provide you with superannuation services and solutions to make building your wealth easy. We give you the Brisbane superannuation advice and guidance you need to structure and manage your superannuation effectively. We help by:
  • Establishing a structure for your superannuation investments, whether this is through salary sacrificing or voluntary contributions
  • Working out where you want to be at retirement age financially and how much superannuation you will need to achieve your goals
  • Setting up Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) if appropriate
  We are leaders in Brisbane superannuation advice, and we are here to ensure that your retirement years are happy, well-funded and secure.

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Forge a Stronger Financial Future With Trusted Super Advice

Have you given much thought to your Super in the past? If you haven’t ever looked at it or spent much time thinking about how important it is, you need to. There are various classes of investments and choices you can opt to make with your money which go on to have a great impact on your future wealth and well-being.   For example, you might choose to invest in a high risk-high reward style investment when you are younger and starting out, as you have more time to make these kinds of investments and get some results. But if you are approaching your superannuation from a later stage in your career, a moderate risk investment style might be better suited to your needs. We can help by managing and spreading your investments out to ensure that there is sufficient balance and diversification across your superannuation.  

What is important in superannuation advice?

  • Finding someone who understands specialised superannuation investments and can provide comprehensive advice in this area.
  • Ensuring that any superannuation advice is provided by someone who understands the rules and regulations of the super industry.
  • Working with a financial advice company who understands and can navigate Australian Taxation legislation, so you are not disadvantaged or exposed.

At FinPro we offer trusted superannuation advice Brisbane wide to help secure your financial future.


Why Finpro Group?

Superannuation is one of the biggest investments a person may have in their retirement nest egg. It is absolutely vital that you have a good understanding of where your superannuation sits at any time, and that you know it is working as hard as possible for you. Unfortunately, many Australians have limited understanding of how superannuation works for them, while at the same time missing out on significant benefits they could be taking advantage of.
These might include:
  • Using super to pay for insurance premiums and adviser fees
  • Using super for low tax voluntary retirement savings
  • Using super to leverage into retirement assets
  • Reducing fees
Finpro Group can ensure you are getting the most out of your critical retirement platform. We can help you in a number of ways, including by:  
  • Assisting with super consolidation from multiple funds
  • Setting up and managing SMSFs
  • Paying personal insurance premiums through super
  • Maximizing the growth potential of your fund; and
  • Monitoring the ongoing performance of your fund (which is critical in the ever-evolving superannuation environment)
  As financial and wealth management experts, Finpro Group can provide you with the superannuation advice Brisbane wide and superannuation services that will help you maximise this critical retirement investment.
Superannuation Advice

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