Superannuation is one of the biggest investments a person may have in their retirement nest egg. As such we should all have a good understanding of where our superannuation sits at any time and ensure it is working as hard as possible for us. Unfortunately many Australians have limited understanding of how superannuation works for them while missing out on some significant benefits they could be taking advantage of. These might include:
  • using super to pay for insurance premiums and adviser fees
  • using super for low tax voluntary retirement savings
  • using super to leverage into retirement assets
  • reducing fees
Finpro Group can ensure you are getting the most out of this critical retirement investment through assisting with super consolidation from multiple funds, setting up and managing SMSF’s, paying personal insurance premiums through super, maximizing the growth potential of your fund, and monitoring the ongoing performance of your fund which is critical in the ever evolving superannuation environment.   As financial and wealth management professionals, Finpro Group can provide you the superannuation advice and services that will help you maximise this critical investment.