Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) have grown in popularity over recent years as people look to new ways to grow their retirement wealth. Where previously you would leave your super with an organisation who would invest on your behalf, now there is the option of taking matters into your own hands. While SMSF investing is not without its difficulties and responsibilities, the rewards can be great. And provided you’re willing to commit the time and the effort required for effective SMSF management, you can be the one steering the ship when it comes to building your retirement savings.  

Do I need someone to manage my SMSF on my behalf?

Not necessarily, no. But you must keep in mind that SMSF administration has a requirement of legislative and regulatory compliance. So, it’s not something you can just dabble in or look at from time to time; it requires an ongoing commitment. You also need to be actively engaged in the investment process to ensure you are on track for retirement goals. A trusted SMSF specialist can be a great help here.

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SMSF Advice Brisbane-Finpro Group

As financial professionals, we can provide the right SMSF advice in Brisbane to assist you with every aspect of setting up and administering your SMSF. If you already have an SMSF but need some assistance with investment direction or administration, we can assist you here as well. We help with:  
  • Compliance and administration, including financial statement preparation and lodgement and all taxation requirements
  • Annual auditing and compliance
  • Transferring funds and managing investments
  • Establishing trust deeds
  • Creating pensions
  • Tax and strategic advice

Is an SMSF Right for Me?

For those of us who prefer a measure of control over our financial well-being, a Self- Managed Super Fund may be the answer. There are significant benefits to SMSF though along with greater control comes greater responsibility, so before taking this path, it is important to be confident of the benefits. Questions to ask yourself are:  
  • Will you lose valued benefits through your super fund, and do you have measures in place to replace these?
  • Will your self-managed fund outperform your current fund?
  • What if something goes wrong? Do you know enough about how to rectify this and what you can stand to lose?
  • Are you prepared to research and track your super investments regularly?
  If your responses are positive, there is no doubt an SMSF has significant benefits such as:  
  • More investment flexibility and control
  • Lower fees on average
  • Better performance
  • More tailored to your circumstances
  Finpro Group can assist in determining whether this will be a worthwhile step for you, manage the process of setting up the SMSF structure and investment strategy and together with our partner professionals, ensure you remain compliant on an ongoing basis.  

With trusted SMSF advice Brisbane wide, Finpro is here to help you manage your super.

How Can Finpro Group Help?

Our access to licenced SMSF specialists can assist in a number of ways, not least of all by answering all of your questions and by clearly setting out what exactly is involved in your SMSF planning and compliance. Ultimately, we will give you the tools to help you make a decision about what is best for you. Beyond that we can:  
  • Help you set up and run your fund
  • Help you make investments inside your self-managed fund
  • Review your current super
  • Ensure you have enough super for retirement
  • Equip you with strategies to maximise your super

Speak to an SMSF Specialist Today

While setting up a self-managed super fund is an exciting step, you will need to keep on top of crucial administrative and compliance-related obligations. We ensure you remain compliant at all times. Contact our SMSF specialists today for a confidential discussion about your super and to arrange the establishment or management of your SMSF.   Call us now on 1300 943 454 to arrange your complimentary consultation.