Retirement is one of the most important life events you will ever experience, as well as the greatest debt you face in your life. Fundamentally it involves satisfying your financial requirements for a 20 plus year holiday after you finish working. This is over and above navigating all of the financial hurdles you face in your working life such as a mortgage and raising your family. From both a personal and financial perspective, realizing a comfortable retirement is an extensive process that takes sensible planning and years of persistence. Even once it is reached, managing your retirement is an ongoing responsibility that lasts throughout your life.
Financial planning at its core involves building a financial strategy to ensure the retirement you deserve. While all of us would like to retire comfortably, the complexity and time required to build a successful retirement plan can make the whole process seem daunting. However, it can often be done with fewer headaches (and financial pain) than you might think. They key is to start with a goal in mind and implement a strategy early enough to allow time, the most important element of any financial strategy, to work for you rather than against you. Our 3 step process at Finpro Group with a fully licensed and experienced strategist can assist in implementing the appropriate financial plan for you.