October 21

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Welcome to FINPRO GROUPS new website. As a business we are evolving to meet the needs of our clients while adapting to the challenges of the world we now find ourselves in.

We believe the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed a real need to focus on the debt side of our clients financial lives. In particular we intend to provide strategies specifically designed to ensure debt exposure is eliminated as quickly as possible. We understand that true financial freedom is not possible when you carry the burden of debt.

Our finance and cash-flow strategies for both owner occupier clients and residential investors aim to dramatically reduce mortgage and loan terms by decades and ensure the traditional 30 year mortgage term becomes a thing of the past.

Financial stress born of long term debt is a killer in our society today. Furthermore it is getting worse. As house prices rise in the face of stagnant wage growth we are faced with larger and larger mortgage debt. Added to this are the pressures of retirement funding and the growing need to provide a legacy for our children as they face the daunting prospect of trying to achieve their own home ownership.

It is a pervasive, relentless and often overwhelming barrier to happiness. It impacts our health, our relationships and our self worth.

We at Finpro Group consider it our mission to end this cycle for our clients and provide a brighter and more fulfilling future for them and their families.


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