About Finpro Group

Finpro Group is a Brisbane based fully integrated financial services business providing clients with solutions around all facets of wealth building and wealth protection. We all know that when it comes to financial security, we are quite simply, on our own. Gone are the days where all we had to do was pay our mortgage off, secure our home for retirement and then look forward to a generous state funded pension for the rest of our days. Knowing who to turn to and what you should be paying for advice can be a significant challenge given that advisers can charge what they see fit. There is no standard cost structure in the industry, so you can pay thousands of dollars more than is necessary if you don’t know the market. Finpro Group through it’s internal and external network of licenced financial professionals creates tailored solutions from only the most relevant advice providers for your individual circumstances. Knowing where to find the most cost effective advice without compromising on quality can save literally thousands of dollars. With our knowledge of the industry, and those providing the most cost effective advice, our team can help mitigate that expense. With this in mind Finpro Group provides clients with goal based solutions and the right professional team through a simple and convenient process of guided discovery involving education, understanding and implementation, regardless of the extent of the advice.

1. Discovery

A COMPLIMENTARY one hour meeting in the comfort of your home to answer 3 important questions:
  • Where do you want to be?
  • Where are you now?
  • When do you want to get started?

2. Strategy

A COMPLIMENTARY strategic session with your recommended licenced financial professional to determine the strategy that is right for you. * Fees will apply upon acceptance of any advice given.

3. Implementation

Once advice is accepted the strategy is implemented.