Smart Money Solutions. FINPRO Group is an integrated finance broker business based
in Brisbane. Our core business is providing residential and commercial lending solutions
for home owners, investors and businesses. More broadly, we work with other licensed
advice providers to facilitate the lending needs of clients short and long term
financial goals. 

Mortgage lending is for the long term, and so should be your broker.

At FINPRO Group we facilitate your lending needs while working with you for the life of your loan. Importantly, we share the same goal as you: becoming debt free. This means finding the lowest rates, lowest fees and the best finance structure to release you from debt as soon as possible.

We understand there is a lot of choice in the market today, from the Big 4, Second and Third Tier as well as online lenders to consider. While choice is a great thing, more options can make finding the right lender, loan product, and structure that much harder. With over 30 lenders to choose from, we at FINPRO Group cut through the noise by asking the right questions to isolate the lender, loan product and finance structure that's best for you and then deliver it to you, quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Investment Lending

We at FINPRO Group pride ourselves on being specialists in investment lending. We understand that wrapping the right finance structure around your residential or commercial investment property can have an enormous impact on the success of your overall strategy.

Using our licensed analysis software we can show you how your investment, using the right finance structure, can help pay off your home and investment property years if not decades early and unlock the ability to own freehold income producing assets for your retirement.

What investment strategy is right for you & how do you structure the finance?

A strategy which aims to turn your current non-deductible home into a
tax-deductible investment loan.  This involves paying down your mortgage and re-borrowing that
money to invest with – hence the ‘recycling’.

A home-owning strategy where you rent a property to live in that’s right for your lifestyle, while you own an investment property that’s right for your budget.

Capital growth seeks to maximize capital appreciation of an investment portfolio over the long term through an asset allocation geared to securities with high expected returns.

Cash-flow measures your cash inflows and outflows in order to show you your net cash flow for a specific period of time.

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Why FINPRO Group?

By teaming with financial planners, accountants, legal professionals, tax and investment advisers, FINPRO Group ensures your lending strategies effectively facilitate your wealth and well-being goals.


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